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GSMpro on-board unit

OBU egység


  • Easy to handle, compact size – shaped to the driver's need
  • 2 years full warranty
  • Safe toll declaration
  • Led light and sound signal indicates the functioning
  • Instant response on errors
  • 12V/24V (from a car's cigarette lighter) functioning
  • Own built-in accumulator to handle blackout
  • Remotely modifiable, upgradeable software
  • Directly changeable number of axles
  • 0-24 customer support: 06-1-766-4505

It's main advantage is it's small size and easy to install structure. The on-board unit uses light and sound signal to inform you about it's current state and your balance status. The device is simple and reliable to use.

Further advantages of the GSMPRO on-board unit over the tickets purchased at the petrol stations

  • You do not have to stop at the petrol station and line up at the vending machine
  • You do not have to plan your path, because the pre-purchased but not used tickets are lost and you can only refund the day before it's validity.
  • You do not have to deal with your account balance, you can settle the pre-loaded balance from anywhere with internet connection at
  • No install fee
  • No waiting time: you can use the device immediately. The only thing you have to do before it is that you have to upload balance at HU-GO Electronic Toll System to use paid paths.

How it works?

The GSMpro on-board unit that uses GPS technology and the electronic gates at the paid roads communicates with each other. The gate can identify the vehicle by it's plate number, they are watching the vehicle's entry and exit to the paid road section, determine the length of the road actually taken, and calculate the amount to be paid on that basis.

GSMPRO Kft. is 100% hungarian-owned, Budapest-based company.

Our company is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of GSMpro on-board units, contracted partner of the National Toll Payment Services PLC as a contributor to the HU-GO electronic toll payment system.

Based on feedback from our partners the GSMpro on-board units can safely and easily handle your E-toll payment, the device's price/value rating is unique!

The GSMpro on-board unit after connected to the cigarette lighter is starting to capture and store the satellite positions, packs then forward them at specific intervals to the HU-GO system which is operated by the National Toll Payment Services PLC. As soon as the car enters the paid road, the National Toll Payment Services PLC's system starting to deduct the fee for the next section from the pre-paid balance.

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Vehicle Tracking

In 2017, we intend to introduce a modern, high quality fleet tracking service, which allows the customers to track their vehicles online

In addition to the basic map service, we are working on a wealth of innovative, flexibly adaptable functions for small and large companies that can actively contribute to your company's future successes.

A piece of preview about our soonly available service:

Előnézet a hamarosan elérhető szolgáltatásunkról


It is a 100% hungarian-owned, Budapest-based company. Our company deals with electronic repairs and unique development of special electronic devices, which covers the process from design to complete production and our activities include the re-design and modernization of existing electronic devices.

Our Services

  • HU-GO partner
  • Fleet monitoring services
  • Development and production of E-toll on-board unit

Join to E-toll system

In May 2016, our company signed a contract with the National Toll Payment Services PLC, with which we can participate as an official partner in the HU-GO electronic payment system. Our job is to fulfill the toll declaration of the customers. Our partners can complete their tolling obligation with the GSMPRO On-board Unit. We strive for lasting renewal, in the past period we has been on the rise in continuous growth, manufacturing technology development and customer service improvement. The GSMPRO On-board Unit is a third generation development of our company, which is a modern, stable, premium quality microelectronic device specifically designed for the driver's needs. The device is popular because of its small, compact size, it's easy to handle nature and it's clear warning and alarm functions.

The corporate strategy of GSMPRO Kft

Domestic, several years of innovation, High quality production based on professional knowledge, Continuous research, development, High quality premium products, User-friendly approach, Value-added services, Developments even based on individual needs, Stable corporate background, 100% domestic development, domestic production.

Our CO-Workers

Gergely Mikulai, Executive Director

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  • Phone Number: 06-1-766-4505
  • E-mail Address:


  • Headquarters: 1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 152/H 3. em.
  • E-mail Address:
  • Adószám/VAT Nr.: HU25531309
  • Bank: KDB Bank Európa Zrt.
  • IBAN: HU70 1352 0405 1330 2010 0000 7540